Week 10
Views from the peak
For this week I decided it was time to finally cross off something I’d been meaning to do for quite awhile: Victoria Peak. The weather wasn’t quite as nice as I hoped, but I’m too stubborn to cancel something I planned just because of a little bit of rain. So first off was the botanical gardens. But before that was a quick ride on the world’s longest escalator. I hadn’t realised it at the time, but I’d actually found it a few weeks ago and had absolutely no idea that it held the world record. It is more like a string of escalators but nevertheless it’s very cool riding it over top of bustling streets and the occasional market. But anyway, onto the gardens!

I was pretty blown away by how close the gardens were to a zoo honestly. The plants were amazing of course, and very tropical (again, I wish we could grow plants like these back in NZ) but I was pleasantly surprised to see monkeys and tamarins (little old men monkeys). There was a big variety of things to do there! I really enjoyed central fountain as well as the small bamboo forest. I’m always a huge fan of the contrast between small oriental areas and the endless cityscapes just looming over in the background. We started to get a better view of those buildings as we started walking up the nearby track that leads to Victoria peak. The walking itself wasn’t too difficult most of the way with plenty of rest stops along the way. But I definitely underestimated just how much walking there actually was. It was worth it once we reached the top though, as we were rewarded by an amazing view and some familiar western food. The initial promise of Burger King got Ashlee a bit too hyper. I was honestly worried about her at first. I was even more worried about her once we found out the Burger King was closed. ​​​​​​​

Overall my CEO was right, Lions Rock was definitively the best view of the city. That doesn’t mean Victorias peak wasn’t an amazing view as well, it definitely was. But the scale wasn’t quite as grand and it was much more of a tourist spot (which wasn’t hard to spot with the amount of people as well as the nearby Gordon Ramsay Bread Street Kitchen and Bar™). Even though the view wasn’t quite the reward Lions Rock was, the food at the peak mall definitely made up for it. The cheese cake, quiche and caramel latte had been everything I’d been dreaming of for weeks. I still love all the food of Hong Kong and hadn’t got sick of it quite yet, but man it was a great change up. Overall it was a great day! Although the rain really picked up on the way back down.

It was a very quiet week, however some other noteworthy things this week: The entire entrance to our residence has FINALLY finished construction, it’s much more professional and modern looking now! Although I’m still very used to walking around to the side entrance. I took a closer look at the giant statue they have of ironman for the new Avengers movie. I love how much they celebrate events like this, there seems to be a new celebration or theme every second week! Easter wasn’t too long ago and Lillian had some chocolates sent over by friends and her parents which she (bless her soul) kindly offered to share with us! Whittakers chocolate had never tasted so good. Finally a quick update on work: busy as always with a lot of small and a few big jobs currently active. Per talked to Frankie and I about continuing to work for Soundbrenner past the end of the internship which I would definitely be keen for! We’re still not sure how it would work being being back in New Zealand but if the option to continue with pay is there, I am definitely up for it.