Week 2
Cats and Foo dogs
Okay so Week 2. Brief overview of the week: I didn’t get up to a huge amount during this week as I really wanted to settle into work and our environment a bit more. Work was also very busy as we prepared the campaign for  Soundbrenners 3rd birthday. That being said it still wasn’t an uneventful week. I got up to quite a bit: visiting the library, trying a cat cafe and trying out the movie theatre. Before all that though we had Soundbrenner’s 3rd birthday party event, celebrating the companies growth and showcasing the new product with some live music and demonstrations.

The event was a lot of fun, set up and all. There were some fantastic performances from some randoms and also some of my coworkers. It was great to engage with all the music in such an intimate space, although it might’ve been a little claustrophobic at some points with such a small venue room. The highlight was definitely the 3rd time Chinese beat boxing champion who accompanied a few performers during the evening. We got to talk to him later in the night and he shared a few beginner techniques with us. I also asked him for links to his solo music (still need to check that out). After the event our co-workers took us out to try a bit of clubbing which was pretty interesting. I was curious about the drinking culture since it’s legal to drink basically wherever you want here, but it’s actually pretty tame here! Apparently you never see any fights break out and most of the people here are very passive when it comes to alcohol. There’s also just one long street in Central which is the main drinking hub. I also learnt during the night that I should never go to karaoke with my coworkers because they’re all great at singing while I am not. Great night overall.

Weekly complaint: There’s barely any recycling bins. I feel like a terrible person throwing my plastic into a regular landfill bin but it’s so rare to actually see a recycling bin. 

The next day we visited the Hong Kong Central Library just as an excursion. It was pretty overwhelming (10 stories!) even just by the share amount of books. Disappointingly, you’re not allowed to take photos inside. However the outside itself reminded me of a university with a lot of people constantly taking photos. I got to check out a few design and music books (need to brush up on my typography) and it also had a really cool gift shop with some interesting art books. 
Moving onto the evening the cat cafe was a little disappointing. I was originally upbeat and excited to see some cats again, as it already felt like a long time since I’d seen mine back home. But it was basically what you’d expect from a cat cafe unfortunately: the cats don’t even like people. It was also very small and hard to find. But still, I think we’d do anything for cats. I absolutely love the amount of dogs here though. They’re also either really big or really small. There’s also a lot of Shiba Inu’s around here! (Native Japanese dog). I believe they just opened a brand new Shiba Inu cafe right around where we liven Causeway bay. I’d love to check that out and see whether it’s a lot better than the cat cafe or not. 
Speaking of dogs, I’m also on the hunt for Foo Dogs at the moment! Originally I was gonna make this weekly blog series all about finding Foo Dogs in Hong Kong. But in all honesty they’re a little too abundant and I think I would miss a lot of interesting stuff if I only talked about Foo Dogs I saw. So what are Foo Dogs? They’re Chinese guardian Lions, usually made of some form of stone and placed outside for protection. I believe they only started being called Foo Dogs because they resembled some of the common small dogs you see in China. They can be found in pretty much any touristy shop, but range in size, material and style all throughout the city! Their placement and orientation is also important depending on the gender of each statue. I really wanted to buy one to build a 3D model of it for an extra project of mine, but unfortunately they’re pretty expensive here.

I wrote a bit about the movie Ashlee and I went to at the bottom of the page, but before that here’s a bit of a tone shift. I don’t think this post would feel right unless I mentioned something about Christchurch. I’m extremely thankful that all my family and people I know down there are physically fine. I can’t even imagine how the families damaged from this are right now, all my sympathy goes out to them and all the people who have been affected. It’s terrifying that something of this magnitude could even happen, especially in New Zealand of all places. It’s disgusting, everything about it leaves a sick taste in my mouth. I’m also hugely thankful to how swiftly and efficiently it was handled, it was a real showcase that New Zealand could not be shaken. Please if you feel affected by this tragedy in anyway reach out to someone, there are lines of people who would love to help.

An extra thing: Ashlee and I also went on a detour to see Captain Marvel. The theatre has some cool lighting and wasn’t bad all together! It was weirdly off centre though. Quick review of the movie: I wouldn’t say I’m a huge Marvel fan and I think it’s more just a movie you enjoy visually if you don’t think about it too much. Brie Larson’s character was written kinda poorly, she had the personality of a plank of wood. She really went through zero development throughout the movie and was essentially the same character as the beginning but with extra powers now. The story was tame, with all the plot twists being pretty generic. Samuel L Jackson was amazing and they did a fantastic job of making him look so much younger. It’s a Marvel movie so of course it relied HEAVILY on CGI of course, which was good for the most part! And lastly the music placement was pretty corny throughout and didn’t quite achieve that perfect timing they’ve been trying to obtain again ever since Guardians of the Galaxy. But yeah, I felt kinda average on it and low-key wish we saw the new How to Train Your Dragon instead.