Week 4
Alrighty week 4! Did quite a few awesome things this week, none of the huge touristy things like Big Buddha or 10,000 Buddhas, but a lot more of the things I personally wanted to do while being here. Took a look around for some records, visited Whampoa and Sham Shui Po for the cruise ship mall and golden computer arcade (as well as the street markets all throughout Sham Shui Po). Also went round to the Star Avenue, had some amazing meals and topped it off with the Kaws special pop-up sculpture “Holiday”! 
So, starting it off with Whampoa. The Whampoa district has over 350 shops, it’s central attraction is a landlocked cruise ship that’s actually a mall. The ship was essentially a standard mall, but you’re really there for the spectacle of it all anyway. It’s a really cool and unique thing to see! Didn’t end up buying anything there, however there was also a few other things to do around Whampoa, mainly parks and a few novelties like the One Piece Restaurant. 
Sham Shui Po had a lot more going on around there with the its bustling markets and the very cramp Golden Computer Arcade. The Golden Computer Arcade (might just call it the “GCA”) was recommended by a coworker before as I’d mentioned possibly buying a Nintendo switch while here (my brother’s been pressuring me to get one for ages now). We took a look through the markets first. Generally it was standard market material, and past the first 5 stalls it just started to repeat but with varying prices. The side stores along the market were a different story. They were a lot more clothing based and had a huge range of styles, prices and quality. All the way from suede to “gugci”. The GCA was very busy and full on. To describe it the whole arcade is distributed between 2 floors, the top floor being completely centred around video games while the bottom floor was dedicated to more hardware and general technologies. Everything was a lot cheaper than NZ at least! 
On the same day we also went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and took a ride back to Central on the Star Ferry. The Walk of Fame was a very cool area with the handprints of many famous Chinese stars (Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Li even had a sculpture of himself there, which reminds me that the Heritage Museum has a Bruce Lee exhibition I’d like to go see). Moving on the Star Ferry was a very nice scenic closing for the weekend. It gave a great view of the city and was a very smooth ride. 
Another highlight this week was the food. Tried some amazing pork and rice at a place nearby work that our coworker took us to. And went to a dinner that we were all invited to by another intern participating in the same program with us (we met her at a mingle session Jackie invited us to which I cannot remember if I mentioned on these weekly blogs or not, sorry if I didn’t!). The restaurant was very fancy being on the 30th floor. It even had a rooftop lounge where we all first met up at, which also meant the food was very pricey. But the lasagna I got was allll worth it. Lasagna is a personal favourite of mine, and while this didn’t quite live up to my folks cooking back home, it was still worth the price. It was just a lot more shallow than it first appeared, but was also a lot more filling than first glance as well!
The main highlight of this week for me though was the Kaws exhibition piece. Art week is currently going on here in Hong Kong (in Central/Admiralty), and along with all the amazing art that it’s brought the American artist “Kaws” has opened his exhibition “Along the Way” and brought along a large blow up sculpture advertising it.  Titled “Holiday” it was located at Tamar Park in Admiralty and was about the size of a tennis court in width and length. I believe the enormous piece was supposed to be around for a couple weeks? However it closed a couple days early yesterday due to upcoming bad weather. Luckily I got to visit it a couple times over the last few days! Once during a lunch break and another time after work. Both times it was extremely crowded with huge amounts of people trying to get selfies. I hadn’t been to Admiralty yet but it’s become one of my favourite areas by far. Tamar Park was absolutely stunning, especially walking under the gigantic building there. Modern areas mixed with a lot of greenery is a personal favourite architectural style of mine, especially with open spaces. It was such a lovely waterfront area and I was surprised by how calm the park was despite it also being very lively due to art week. I really wish I had been able to get art week tickets before coming to Hong Kong, but luckily I was still able to get tickets for the main Kaws exhibition on April 9th! Super excited to see his works in person, and I’m very curious to see which pieces he’s brought (I assume it’s his current main sculptural set but I also wonder if he brought any of his acrylic works). 
Oh yeah, Pharrell is also currently here for art week and the Kaws exhibition as well. Would be preeeetty cool to see him around. 
And finally I got to do a bit of record shopping! Well I tried to. Turned out a lot more difficult to find than what google maps had me to believe. Eventually I found some (a few kinda cramped and shady) and picked up Jack White's “Boarding House Reach (2018)” and James Blake's “The Colour in Anything (2015)”, hopefully I’ll be able to find a few more different stores when I go to look in Mong Kok, Prince Edward, etc later on!
Weekly complaint: Vinyl records are a little more expensive here from what I’ve seen so far. Especially anything Brian Eno related for some reason. I was really hoping to get my favourite Talking Heads album (Speaking in Tongues) here as well, damn.
Side note: Remain in Light is the quintessential Talking Heads album, but I just personally enjoy speaking in tongues more.