The Misty Mountains Hot
Okay Week 5! We went out for drinks with our coworkers after work this week and they started asking us what we’d done so far in Hong Kong. It started to dawn on me that we hadn’t really done any of the big cultural experiences and must-dos while here, so that became my main goal for the week! Admittedly I didn’t plan my time in Hong Kong amazingly, I’m much more of a “discover as we go” type of person and I also thought work would take up the majority of our time here. Our coworkers gave us a lot of suggestions for things to do here, some of it was pretty obvious like Big Buddha and Ocean Park, but the less famous and more local suggestions all sounded amazing. After mentioning I wanted to do quite a bit of hiking while here my CEO claimed Lions Rock had the best view of the city bar none. And after the weekend, I couldn’t disagree with him.
Before the weekend though, we had a full, extremely busy week as usual. A big thing Frankie and I are covering is the new set of Brand Guidelines for Soundbrenner. It’s a whole lot of work with an extensive amount of planning, but I feel like we’re getting a good insight into some of the more marketing based design principles that courses like Brand Communication had started to introduce at Uni. I’m having a blast at Soundbrenner so far and am really enjoying the fact I get to cover so many different mediums from video adverts to 3D animation and general print design. I’m really getting a chance to hone my skills and look at my own design from a different perspective. 
Some other stuff during work hours: we also got some pretty dope food from the nearby mall during lunch breaks, pan fried dumplings are amazing. And at drinks with work I had an interesting coffee alcohol mix, afterwards we went to see a really cool local art gallery. Great night overall!​​​​​​​

I had two goals for the weekend: Record shopping in Prince Edward (finally) and conquering Lions Rock. Record shopping in Prince Edward was quick and easy. I had done plenty of research on a few of the stores in Hong Kong, most of them were on the mainland around Mong Kok. Quite a few of them were pretty shady, but the best one was by far White Noise Records which had a great range of mainstream and more local artists and the records were actually CHEAP. Picked up a few cool albums there including Ryo Fukui’s 1976 Jazz masterpiece “Scenery,” which still isn’t available on streaming services for some reason. An extra thing I’ve gotta add about the stores around here is the personality and effort they put into celebrating something. Uniqlo always seems to have some sort of celebration going on, this week they’re celebrating 40 years of Gundam (old Japanese manga and animated TV show) with human sized replicas of Gundam robots.
Within Mong Kok was also Temple street market and the Ladies market. Both were pretty cool and had some awesome things to buy but if I'm honest I was a little disappointed. From how everyone raved about them I expected them to be a lot larger, also after the first 5 stalls the items repeat but with varying prices. Maybe I just had my expectations too high. Although I didn't buy anything and was a little underwhelmed, it was still cool to go through the bustling markets.
Onto Lions Rock though!
Weekly complaint: On first look sunblock is more difficult to find than it really should be and it’s also pretty expensive. They didn’t sell in the supermarket which was kinda odd.
I’ll try to keep it short and let the photos do the talking but man: this was easily my favourite day so far. Ashlee and I set off pretty late around midday as we had only planned Lions Rock but didn’t quite realise how much was going on in the area. First off the amazing colours and architecture of Lung Chui Yuen Stanley Ho Park was an overall trip highlight for me. I was pretty amazed going through it, especially since we didn’t even know it was there and just stumbled across it. After that we came across the Temple Mall, Wong Tai Sin temple, and Good Wish Garden which were all also incredible, I’ll let the photos do the showing. Something interesting was the repeated message playing through speakers at the temple, warning people of pickpockets. I wonder if this is a common thing at more touristy areas? And finally Lions Rock. There were plenty of amazing views both sides of the hill and some pretty precarious areas as well. It really felt like an adventure though as the solidified concrete path crumbled as we climbed up, going from gravel to climbing up rocks at some points. Thankfully we got an incredible day as well, however this also meant buckets of sweat. We both looked like we had gone for a swim by the time we reached the top. The way down was a lot quicker and easier, but also showed some of the views in a different light as the sun was setting! Overall and amazing week sightseeing and work wise! I’ve got a big list of things to do from here on out so hopefully we’ll keep up this streak of activity. Although my dad keeps telling me over FaceTime that Hong Kong has some pretty famous thunderstorms.

Oh I almost forgot to say! Rugby Sevens this week, it’s a pretty huge event here which is awesome to see. There's a lot more people than normal though, however there’s also a lot more smaller events happening in areas like Times Square in Causeway bay and the waterfront in Admiralty. I went down by the Pier and Ferris wheel in Central/Admiralty (same place as the Kaws sculpture thing) and saw NZ playing on the big screen as well as the giant rugby ball they have down there. I think we’re planning to grab tickets as a group and go watch but it might be a little bit too late for that right now. We’ll see!