Van Gogh "Alive"
I had a nice relaxing week after the last few active weeks, apart from work, that’s still hectic as ever. A factor in that might also be the weather which has been absolutely awful lately (just a few thunderstorms). Work is mostly video editing at the moment, so it’s good to be working inside away from the rain. Lately I’ve been helping out on our companies pitch video for possible investors but it’s been a whole lot of trouble for me. The footage is a bit too intensive for my little laptop to handle. Pairing that with Premiere Pro being a terrible program there has been a lot of crashing and restarting which has made it an excruciatingly slow and frustrating process. But we’ve made a lot of changes since the first iteration, so slowly but surely I think we’re getting there! I’m getting extremely sick of my Adobe Premiere crashing my laptop but at least it’s good to hone my skills a bit more. I’m much more used to After Effects after all. The video’s also caused a lot of late nights staring at a screen for me. I can feel the amount of time I spend staring at a screen all day starting to wear on me a bit now. My eyes have been feeling sore and blurry at some points recently, so a relaxing weekend with plenty of sleep was exactly what I needed.

This weekend I had a lot of great food (as per usual, still not tired of dumplings and milk tea) and Ashlee and I visited the “Van Gogh Alive” gallery exhibition, along with a little bit of shopping in Mong Kok. This particular exhibition is a more experimental gallery with how it’s presenting Van Gogh’s work. His paintings are projected on large screens and projectors reminiscent of windows. Although I must say, while it looked nice on paper, experiencing it was… a little disappointing. So for this week I have a special edition of the fun little “Weekly complaint” segment:
Weekly complaint PARAGRAPH EDITION: The Vincent Van Gogh exhibition. It was a super interesting concept and had some really cool ideas, but honestly felt mostly like a cash grab by the end of it all. It was very strange how commercialised some of it was, especially with his severed ear. It felt almost like a black comedy with them selling his ear as erasers and having a sculpture of it as well. Also some really poor editing of his paintings to make parts of them move, as well as a lot of cheesy music playing from famous anime and Harry Potter. Everything felt a bit in poor taste. Seeing everything projected and blown up on screens was pretty amazing and a few of the paintings were presented in a really classy way! They also had a really cool segment where his painting Bedroom in Arles was literally brought to life. But apart from that, I couldn’t see it as memorialising his work rather than capitalising on his legacy.
All that being said I did pick up a print and a copy of the guidebook. Originally I picked it up for my parents to see but in all honesty it was better laid out than the actual exhibition! Also a final after thought: I had a Kinder surprise to celebrate Easter Sunday here. It was pretty weird. Rather than solid chocolate it came with a scoop and was mostly a chocolatey paste. Still delicious though! Kinda wish we had this version in NZ as well!