Ya like jazz?
(Photos are out of order, can't seem to fix it sorry!). Week 9 was a nice and quiet week. After a good sightseeing day last week it was nice to just continue having another easy going week. Everyone seems to be pretty worn out from work as of late anyway, however I still got up to some pretty cool things. Attended a Jazz festival, visited the monster house and finally saw Endgame! I think the best place to start would be the Jazz festival, as it’s definitely one of my main highlights so far. 

Work had a few free tickets to a Jazz marathon for international Jazz day 2019 provided by an artist sponsored by the company. One of my main goals for Hong Kong was to pick up a few jazz Chinese and Japanese records while here so I definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity! The event was just down the road at Queen Elizabeth stadium. My ticket was for the second day (Sunday 28th) and although I missed part of the first performance I was pretty surprised to realise I recognised the pianist. The pianist was Ted Lo, who had briefly performed with one of my favourite jazz musicians Ron Carter (played with Miles Davis and A Tribe Called Quest). It was amazing to see his incredible playing live! The whole marathon actually covered a large range of jazz sub-genres, starting with a more orchestral performance followed by latin and blues inspired jazz performances. The seats were incredible as well, 2nd row on the stadium floor! I was pretty blown away being so close. Overall I had an amazing time (although the records they were selling there were waaaay overpriced) and it’s a memory that will always be a highlight from my time in Hong Kong. One of my favourite Jazz pianists, Brad Meldau is coming to Hong Kong a couple days after we leave. I really want to stay a couple extra days for it but we'll see. It'd be amazing to see him perform, his trio worked on David Bowie's final album "Blackstar." Bowie described his spacey jazz as the music he's been searching for his whole life so I would kill to see them, hopefully they come to New Zealand later on.

The day before the festival Ashlee and I decided to take a look at the monster house (the others were either busy doing other plans or just not feeling well on the day). It was something I’d been planning on doing for awhile, especially since it was only a few MTR stops away. It was really just as large and overwhelming as all the social media posts had painted it to be! What I was very surprised by was how popular the spot was. It was an overcast day and I knew a lot of people liked to come and take photos of themselves here for online but man I didn’t expect so many professional cameras and photography equipment! Some people had special photography gloves it was pretty insane. We had to wait awhile to get any semblance of photos without a bunch of cameras and people in the background but it was worth it in the end! I hadn’t really planned to get any photos of myself there but I kept thinking it’s more than likely what my mum would want hahaha.

Nice easy week! And finally Endgame, it was good! Not amazing by any stretch but I definitely enjoyed it (I’ll leave my proper review at the bottom of the page). Next week I think I’d like to get into a more full on tourist mode and visit some big things. I’m still not sure about Ocean Park yet, but maybe it’s time to finally do Victoria Peak along with the botanical gardens and art galleries near Central. Plus there’s always more markets and record shopping to do!